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Dr Arnold has a deifferent technique. It is gentle and relaxing. I first started coming here from an ad in the paper. My allergies were bad and I was very tense. With Dr Kris's care I am less tense and my allergies are much improved. Now I am much healthier and I do not get the flu shot.
Donna Lockheart

testimonial_09.jpgMy grandmother told my Mom about the office and encourged my Mom to bring me. I had allergies that would get bad very quick and was in the hospital twice in less than a year with pneumonia. Since starting care I have not needed any breathing treatments. If I am sick, I bounce back quickly now. I have not had to go to the hospital since starting care. Everyone is very kind and caring. Cody Miller

testimonial_14.jpgI was referred by my dad and aunt who have been patients here for years. I had a lot of lower back pain and pain in my feet. Since starting care, my feet are usually pain free and my back feels great. I feel overall better and I am sick less often. I appreciate the caring nature of everyone who works here.
Martha Clark

testimonial_21.jpg I felt that my health was close to poor before starting care. I now have better health and am not sick as often. My back and overall body is less stiff when I get out of bed in the morning. I work odd hours for the Railroad and it was hard to get good rest before starting care, I am now resting better. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge I have received at the office.
Don Byers

testimonial_16.jpgBefore starting care my health was average, I got sick a lot and had irregular menstral cycles. My husband and I tried for over 2 years to have a baby with no success.The changes I have noticed sinde starting care is that I am not as sick as often, my back does not hurt like it used to and my cycle is more regular. I had no idea that chiropractic care would affect my overall health. My husband and I now have a beautiful and healthy 17 month old daughter.
Jodie Mickle

Thelma_Morgan.pngBefore starting care I had so much hip, back, and neck pain it was hard for me just to get around.  To add to my pain, I had a lot of trouble breathing.  I'm so glad my sister told me to call Dr. Kris because now I have never felt better!  I don't have pain anymore, my immune system is stronger, and I was able to cut my breathing medication in half!  I can finally work in my Rose garden again!
Thelma Morgan

Sharon_Crist.pngMy daughter had been coming to see Dr. Kris and had great results so I decided to try it too.  Before starting chiropractic care I always had sinus problems and was getting sick 3 or 4 times a year with bronchitis and colds.  I've been seeing Dr. Kris for 6 years now and there has been no more bronchitis, cold or sinus problems! And to top it off I've also been sleeping very well!
Sharon Crist

Michelle_Buttry.pngBefore Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica.  Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.  I now take less medication, have less allergy symptoms, am sick less, and my blood pressure is better than its been in 15 years! I sleep well and feel good!
Michelle Buttry

Arvilla_Miller.pngWhen I first came to see Dr. Kris I was having bronchitis and sinus infections every year, not to mention pain throughout my body.  But now I'm healthier all around.  I have improved balance, no more bronchitis, and improved sinuses.  This year on vacation to the beach I was finally able to do things without pain, that's a first in 10 years!
Arvilla Miller

Rosemarie_Stiffler.pngFor 14 years I suffered with back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.  I had taken lots of meds to try to find some relief.  But now in just a few months with Dr. Kris I can walk straighter, mow non stop and I don't have to take any medication.  Also, I never expected to dance again, but I am.  I am usually sick all the time with something, but this winter I have not gotten sick at all.  There is no limit to anything I can do.  Nothing can hold me back!!!!
Rosemarie Stiffler

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Before Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica. Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.

Michelle Buttry -
New Paris, PA

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